Where we are

The Club Family Cervia Village is located just 200 metres from the sea: a pleasant stroll in the shade of the leafy pines and plane trees, to the beach to sunbathe or play in the sand.

Another place to visit on a family holiday is the centre of Cervia, just a pleasant 7-minute walk from the Club Family Cervia Village. An even more beautiful, and slightly longer, walk along the canal, where you can stop to admire the San Michele Tower, the Salt Warehouse, the old fish market or the Musa, the Salt Museum, with its indoor section rich in history and educational events, and the outdoor section, the Camillone Saltworks, where you can experience the excitement of salt harvesting just like a salt miner of yesteryear. Along the Cervia canal, it will be irresistible to browse in the many small shops selling typical local products, or to taste the regional cuisine in the trattorias scattered throughout the area, or simply to immerse oneself in the unique atmosphere of Borgo Marina.

Only 7 minutes also for a visit to the Cervia Salt Pan Nature Reserve, this time by bike, which we provide with a seat, also because it is also possible to visit the salt pan by bike, as well as on foot, in a canoe, or by electric boat.… from dawn to dusk and even at night to get lost in the sky and admire the stars.

Also not to be missed is a trip to the Cervia pine forest, again by bike as it is only a 10-minute ride away! There are many ways to spend valuable family time here, walking among the trees, or in the trees if the children love adventure, but also chasing butterflies, if there are romantic souls in the family, curious and interested in nature and its inhabitants, even the smallest ones.

The Natural Park of Cervia and Milano Marittima is home to:

  • Cerviavventura, a theme park where you can test your balance and discover the thrill of climbing trees;
  • Casa delle Farfalle, (Butterfly House), a true exploration of a botanical garden in search of the native butterflies that live there, without forgetting to visit the large tropical greenhouse, where you will be fascinated by 60 species of tropical butterflies, or the Casa degli Insetti (House of Insects), a micro-world waiting to be discovered.

Finally, from Cervia, it will be really quick and easy to set off on a day of fun! There are many amusement and theme parks near Cervia:

  • Mirabilandia just 15 minutes away by car to experience a day full of excitement and memories that will last forever with breathtaking rides, adrenaline rushes, giant playground dives for the little ones, romantic merry-go-rounds and classic attractions to be enjoyed passionately together;
  • Safari Ravenna, not just an amusement park, but a huge area for the protection and preservation of animals born only in zoology, to be explored on board the electric train or electric car provided by the park, or by your own car.

Finally, it is impossible not to spend a few hours in nearby Ravenna, just 23 km from Cervia, visiting its many monuments, 8 of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which testify to its greatness in time and art, with splendid mosaics and Byzantine architectural works that are not to be missed.